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Jiarun Gloria Grand Hotel Jiuhuashan - A Good Place to Be!


The Jiarun Gloria Grand Hotel is located in Kecun, a scenic area of Mount Jiuhua in Chizhou city, Anhui province. This 5-star hotel is surrounded by lush green mountains and the clear Jiuhua River. Angled to the east, the hotel directly faces the famous 99-meter bronze Earth Buddha. It is also within walking distance of most scenic tourist sites of Mount Jiuhua as well as the city’s main transportation hubs. Situated right at the foot of Mount Jiuhua, the hotel is the most convenient gateway to the temples of Mount Jiuhua and is only 40kilometers away from Mount Jiuhua airport (opening in May, 2013).
The facade of the hotel is majestic display of grandeur and elegance. From a distance, the heart of the hotel is shaped like a brilliant pearl and at a closer view, it resembles a lotus flower in full blossom.
The hotel is ideal for business, conventions, meetings, leisure or solely for admiring or paying tribute to the Earth Buddha. The modern design is skillfully architected to blend in with the beautiful and serene Mount Jiuhua scenery, making it the leading branded luxury hotel in the Mount Jiuhua area.

The Jiarun Gloria Grand Hotel has 279 well-appointed rooms & suites, a Western restaurant and a Chinese restaurant, with 14 exclusive private rooms. Banquet and meeting facilities include a Grand Ballroom that can host up to 400 guests for any gala dinner and 6 meeting rooms. In addition, there are also an indoor swimming pool and other recreational facilities.


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