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Jiuhua Mountain summer resort as "Cool World", the the now average temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius, began to usher in the best period of summer tourism. And summer nine Huashan Scenic nationwide to participate in this year's high, in the examination of the students, as well as provincial, city residents to mountain tourism, launched a special ticket less free policy, to the mountain sanctuary for visitors.

At the same time, as a famous Buddhist mountains in, big wish Lingshan the Kowloon-Huashan, by the Jiuhua shares and carefully build of this brand-new products of the launch of the "the Kowloon-Huashan - The board of directors, the Annual Meeting Holy Land", but also more and more subject to all types of organs at all levels or enterprises recognized and respected, together with the Jiuhua shares owned hotels, Passenger comprehensive conference reception and professional reception service team more attractive to all kinds of conferences team to come to Mount Jiuhua organized and held.
Jiuhua 1000 Temple, and scatter them in the clouds, in China's four famous Buddhist Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain is known for its beautiful scenery dominate, used the incense under heaven "and" Southeast Mountain "double crown name Young World is a pilgrimage of believers. Lotus Buddhist monks and nuns flesh phenomenon attracts many devout people come to worship. Early in the morning Foguangpuzhao, the breeze stroked my face, in the was filled with the Xianqi inter-of the mountain stroll, feel like being in the this fairy realm among the ......
Here, not only all day long Buddhist temple incense-filled, more handsome and majestic beautiful mountains, Buddhist culture and scenic landscapes of the perfect fusion here, the venue for King every Jieshi Fo natural attraction, as if every views have a Buddhist shrine holy and glorious. Jiuhua culture is profound, in this case, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and three cultural fusion, pavilions and Chinese traditional culture, every traditional festive season, attracting many tourists at home and abroad competing worship.
Currently Jiuhuashan "to eat, to live, the line transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment and" service system is very perfect, become even more prominent personalized in the tourism in, people of this, theming, tourists who come to the Kowloon-Huashan tourism comfort, safety sexual there are adequate safeguards. Jiuhua Mountain tourist facilities are available to meet the multi-level needs of the majority of tourists from different aspects.
Line: Jiuhuashan's transportation is very convenient, the between the cities of of are in the to the Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Huangshan and and so on, Copper yellow high-speed, along the Yangtze River high-speed, Beijing - Fuzhou, along the Yangtze River railway Jieke direct access to the the Kowloon-Huashan. Jiuhua Mountain scenic transport facilities, the Jiuhua shares between the various scenic spots of the the direct surrounding major urban centers and from internal environmental bus passenger transport companies. In addition, there are gondola ropeway three, has been the formation of the flower bed, closed roof, jiuhuajie Min Park Travel Link, tourists travel more convenient.
Live: core Jiuhua Mountain scenic jiuhuajie area existing 5-star Parc Hotel 4 star Dong Ya Hotel and a variety of hotels, hostels, to meet the needs of tourists of different levels. Addition, the foot of the mountain the 5-star Wuxi mountains, Hotel, 4 stars Xifeng Villa star hotel, tourist facilities have improved, Check the foot of the mountain has become the choice of more tourists.


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