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The the Kowloon-Huashan of the the Chinese Buddhist one of the four famous mountains of is located in the Wannan Chizhou, is located in the north latitude 30 ° of the North subtropical humid monsoon climate, the achievements of the Foshan, "the the the mystery of of the made flesh" and, is also a given. The local valuable animal and plant resources.

For the donated to of nature and, the local the common people then the think that the is the the Jizo, in the of the "the gift of", even the the such a solemn holiday in the Spring Festival, will also, had one meat dish the years, after the over-prime years. The meat dish year, annual Lunar New Year the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, local residents to eat meaty dishes.. To the the next day, the people will with plant ash will pots and pans scoop spoon washed clean to, ready to the vegetarian food - by the New Year's Eve of in the the twelfth lunar month on the 30th that day eating vegetables instead of meat Guo in positive years, thousands of years, become a custom through long time usage.

The Kowloon-Huashan Suzhai the crystallization of integration by the: Buddhist culture with the diet culture

This custom of the "meat dish years prime years", formation of a unique, a long time prestigious the Kowloon-Huashan "Suzhai". With other Suzhai is different is that Suzhai Jiuhua the case of on the the in the area of ​​modeling and arts "in order to meat dish to prop up the prime class" and. Not only achieve the the shape of the, also the pursuit of bore a striking resemblance, in the the is uses a on the the raw materials the Suzhai of the the monastery of Inheriting and Passing, do not satisfied that the Hunxing, All Vegetarian, but also is pollution-free green raw materials, embodies the to return to the natural, back to complement Guizhen verve.

With the the growing Hing Shing of the tourism industry, the Personal chefs are available of the Jiuhuashan with great concentration mining, will "Jiuhua Suzhai" been elevated to a new the height of the, and now, to the mountain tourists If you do not and taste authentic Jiuhua Suzhai, when the for the the a major pity .

It comes to the Jiuhua Suzhai, have to talk about the the large Hotel of the in order to the famous for its "Suzhai Corroboree" and of the Jiuhua shares Parc Royale, Dong Ya Hotel. "Suzhai In addition to the and delicious, light the the characteristics of of the, and health care, but also wealthy containing protein, variety of vitamins and variety of amino acids of the needed by the body, long-term consumption be able to beauty beauty, that they are anti-aging that, benefit from a healthy. It is said that, the Kowloon-Huashan 'the flesh 'the forming also be related to perennial is food is known as the a great relationship. "the the The food and beverage the Ministry of is responsible for of of the Dong Ya Hotel said the person in.
    In the the Grand Hotel of the Parc Royale, the the author saw, the delicacies from land of the the the the Kowloon-Huashan indigenous supply of of the Huang Jing, Umbilicaria, bamboo shoots, Tsubaki seedlings, lily, bracken, and so on, together with the the tofu, frozen powder, gluten, vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and other, or the Qing fried, or simmer over low heat, or clear beef broth, as or as baking, can be made into "delicacies from land vegetarian chicken", "yellow Grilled Su-shark fin", "Lohan Suzhai", "in possession of prime cake" and so on a menu of more than 100-course. The hotel Personal chefs are available generally do not seasoned a toner seasoning, dishes in order to true nature of-based, the, fragrant, crisp of the the green leaves of the black hair plant, fresh, tender equal emphasis on, nutrient-rich, food for a long time is not greasy. Even the's quite carefully appointed to the highest degree of over the diet Korean in the the after the the the Parc Royale Suzhai is tasting, but also invariably stretched out a thumb.

In In 2009, the the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,, president of the the Kowloon-Huashan the Buddhist Association of (KCRC) Hui deep Mage in the tasting of after the the Parc Royale Suzhai evaluation of Road,: "of potable Suzhai is both wholesome, but also the Qing the body, the pure in heart, the Qing sexual." He also on the Suzhai of the production process carried out the guidance of, and is pleased to inscription that, encouraged the the hotel to do a good job the the Kowloon-Huashan Suzhai brand (KCRC).

Ping days Peninsula large Hotel: the secret of of the Features is to the pursuit of natural, ecological, health

In 5 o'clock in the early in the morning, the the chef of the the Ping days at Peninsula Hotel Excelsior on the together and the buyer began a a day of the dishes prepared, with a a lot of of Hotel raw materials procurement is different is that they were going, is not a bazaar, and but rather came to the the line of fishermen of the peri-urban.

"Today's mandarin fish very fat, ah, how much intend to you want to?"

"1 half kilogram of the the coming 10."

Mandarin fish, also known as mandarin fish, is the the one of the special local products of of the Anhui Chizhou region of the, Because it is the Hotel famous dish - the "Qiupu the the main ingredient of the flower Siniperca chuatsi", so the buyer in the procurement of in the abnormal careful, not only to ensure the fresh and live, but also The weight must be press the the the requirements of control in the the weigh 1 and a half jin left and right.

In 9:00, the a almost the almost period of the time, the the same city large Jiu Hua Hotel buyer also a rewarding experience, As a two of the more famous hotel, it is is different is that that the two hotels the Please zoom back in. Cuisine style of utterly different; it is the same is, of raw materials of the dishes Coincidentally, both the of the the pursuit of eco-, fresh.

12 o'clock, the a "Qiupu flower Siniperca chuatsi" on the to the the dining table of the the large Hotel of the flat-the Peninsula of days.

"Ah ...... I really fresh ...... This is the the live today's on a fish farm Mody?"

"Yes, This 'Qiupu flower Siniperca chuatsi' is our signature dishes, each and mandarin fish are both the day of the procurement of the live fish."

Fresh, is a the the the the general term for of praise of the diners have on the delicious, in the absence of before the appear of the better the adjective, it is the the, its highest rating to the cook, the products of labor.

"Diet, has changed from mere the substances dimension of to rise to the spiritual, cultural demand, and a gradual transition to a way of life." The large Hotel of the Ping days Peninsula The food and beverage the Ministry of is responsible for said the person in; "want to make caused by the the most distinctive Hotel in Chizhou, we is to continues to lead the the this consumer demand, way of life, the secret lies the pursuit of dishes natural, ecological, health. "

The Kowloon-Huashan cuisine: to showcase to the coming and going of tourists forward to Jiuhuashan another kind of beauty

The dishes of the Jiuhuashan, is the the the a representative of the of the Anhui cuisine Wannan flavor, it is in the pay attention to color, incense, taste, shape, at the same time of the device, also absorbed a the cooking skills with the tastes specialties of the of the "eight Cuisines".

Diet is that is, creative, is also the culture, in the the the constantly of the Inheritance and the to carry forward the the process of, the the Personal chefs are available of the Jiuhua shares eclectic, have done their best, and created a "the house of Xie Kitchen", "slate feast", "squire a private banquet", " apricot "dinner at the village of's" goes back "," Qiupu Fishermen's Song of Corroboree "and other many other varieties.

"Lingyang, one product pot" is the one authentic peasant dish, stems from the Kowloon-Huashan a Mausoleum of xiangyangzhen the vicinity of of the near, one of the "the house of Xie kitchen" series of flagship dishes of the is the Jiuhua shares Xifeng Villa, it will dry the shredded bamboo shoots, dried tofu, main materials with the farm of the silk, shiitake mushrooms, dry such as bracken homemade rice flour meatball, meatballs the perfect combination of, with meat and vegetables, greasy moderate, fresh incense and and delicious. Significant increase in of the appetite of the concept of, food it more lead a person to endless aftertastes.

Seemingly a ordinary a hodgepodge of, it is both the the the the feast of of the the ancient reward the laborers, but also is the "the protagonist" on the the each household Banquet. Through it, can be found the a few hundred years ago, local residents down-to-earth the lives of habits and cultural practices.

Jiuhuashan of the cuisine, is the chefs to show a carrier of of the stunt, With the the the expansion of of the of the passage of time and visibility, it has gradually become the reflect the the Kowloon-Huashan folk customs the the the big screen of of the, socio-cultural, to showcase to the coming and going of tourists forward to Jiuhuashan the other kind of beauty.


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