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Mount Jiuhua more developed tourism services, comfortable accommodation, complete, luxury hotels, hotels, B & B, all over the mountain area, more than 100, high, medium and low beds nearly ten thousand, accommodation of all over the the whole mountain, especially jiuhuajie area for the most. Facilities, services, upper class, and in the moist, the cell cool climate. More than three-star hotel a few Dong Ya Hotel, Parc Hotel. The whole mountain is a total high, medium and low grades of more than 12,000 beds, tourists, pilgrims are free to choose, and reasonable price, pick-stay, very convenient. Which contains a net exclusively for pilgrims to live and eat vegetarian.

The Jiuhua shares Dong Ya Hotel is located at the center of Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area, Jiuhua Mountain and even Chizhou 4-star hotel. Dong Ya Hotel is known for known for elegant, unique architecture, convenient transportation, professional services, Millennium Jiuhua, the new East Cliff;

Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area Jiuhua shares Parc Royale Hotel is the only five-star standard construction of leisure hotels. The hotel is located in the famous mountain jungle temples Gion opposite the Temple, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and unique geographical location, the best location for tourist sightseeing. The hotel combines natural and cultural elements of existing facilities, advanced equipment and complete, spacious and comfortable deluxe rooms 146. The guest rooms are a carbon-concept design, elegantly decorated, warm and comfortable, with LED widescreen TV, 115 sets of television channels, it imported sanitary ware, central air conditioning, high-speed broadband network services.

Jiuhua shares Wuxi mountains Hotel is located in Qingyang County in the territory of Wuxi, guardian of the main entrance into the Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area, exclusive of Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area "Ten first the Wuxi mountains scenic. Is surrounded by mountains, River Flows, verdant mountains, four seasons mountain flowers, fresh air, leisure and health, training session, group development, transit visitors a comprehensive tourist enterprises. The hotel has various rooms 300 rooms are spacious and bright, balconies seductive sight. Anhui, Huaiyang and temples vegetarian catering main reason, especially to provide guests with a strong regional characteristics squire family dinner "series of signature dishes featuring; restaurant can accommodate more than 2,000 meals, box 18. The hotel offers entertainment, leisure and conference facilities to match, performing arts center, golf driving range, expand the training base highlights the characteristics and personality of the hotel.

In addition to the Jiuhua shares, is located in Qingyang Xifeng Villa is your perfect place to Jiuhua Mountain tourism, Xifeng Villa is located in Anhui Province "Two Mountains and One Lake" tourist center - Qingyang County, a garden-style Business Hotel, Chizhou meeting, catering and tourist hub. Beautiful environment, convenient transportation, 70 minutes by car from the four famous Buddhist mountains in China - Jiuhua Mountain 20-minute drive from the world natural and cultural heritage - Huangshan.

Chizhou Jiuhua Hotel is part of the Jiuhua Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd., is located in the the Chizhou beautiful 100 Holland Park Sipan, the surrounding environment, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation from the four famous Buddhist mountains in China - IX Huashan is only 36 km away from the world natural and cultural heritage site - only 82 km Huangshan, Jiuhua Mountain, Huangshan Taiping Lake, Tianzhu Mountain, Lushan and East China last piece of virgin forest tourist hub Guniujiang in Chizhou city a four-star business and conference hotel.
    Beautiful environment "water like a Pilian, here that is flat days - the-day Peninsula Grand Hotel is located in Ping Tian Li Bai poem named the southern shore of the part of the Jiuhua Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd., yard the emblem classical architectural style, scenery meandering city garden - a spiritual walk leisure blessed.
Hotel is a five-star standard construction waterfront leisure resort hotel has a reception center (Yingbinlou) the room center (Julongge), dining center (taste Zhen Square), a conference center and near the lake Villa ( The Sea Orchid Court, Zijin Court). Of which more than 100 guest rooms, catering more than 10 boxes and West restaurant, conference room 6.
The hotel traditional architecture emblem with modern fashion elements of integration, to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape view, create high-quality near the lake leisure park. String and wind-ear disorder, no case of slips of labor-shaped, forget the hustle and bustle into the natural oxygen bar, enjoy a different kind of life; wander between agreeable to experience the wonders of nature and the scene ......


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