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As early as in the Ming Dynasty, the Kowloon-Huashan there is "the treasures BI Zhi, meat dish food A for the the the rulers; no by the city, often from the the monks have to of" records, be seen at the time Jiuhua's bustling. Today, tourists from all over the world flocked to Texas, The various commodities blend, especially when native articles of real estate and the most popular Buddhist supplies.


Places recommended to

    To the Qing, and has formed the the jiuhuajie of in order to the pilgrims and visitors and monk the people as the main service object of the.
    In the the the Gion city in shopping malls, Furong Zhuang Shopping Centre, supply and marketing cooperatives, native products operating the Department of, local products Federation of Supply and Marketing manager for the Department, of Arts and Crafts travel services the Ministry of, Fawu at the Circulation Counter of and other shops. As well as at regional locations throughout the the stalls of the tour line, are able to to buy bed of roses the aesthetic value and practical value in one of the local native products, souvenirs and other merchandise.
    Famous paintings too Baishu Tang was good.

Specialty Recommended

    The Jiuhua ice ginger visitors eager to buy in short supply, and enter the international market; Jiuhua Mountain cloud tea, to Jiuhua Shan Mao Feng "," Tibetan Buxus "and" East Cliff Buxus fame; nine China Analysis of fans in the Ming Dynasty had been among the names fan of the forest, the Qing Dynasty court tribute, now has more than 20 varieties sold in the domestic and foreign markets; Huang Jing has many medicinal properties, Jiufu refreshing longevity.
    In addition, Jiuhua Mountain native Golden tea, Umbilicaria stone skin, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo crafts, porcelain jade bronze crafts, also very popular with visitors welcome.
    The Buddha was, for tourists, but also to a good souvenir of this Buddhist country. The Buddha Objects have sachets, Buddha bowl, prayer beads, wooden fish, by the book, Buddhist music with a device that (the "five will pray to Buddha to", "king of the underworld", "Guanyin", "Sakyamuni", "the Buddha edge of") and and so on on.

Nine Huashan specialty:
Name: clouds tea
Introduction: a cloud of Isodon of the Jiuhuashan, the extremely famous, the the quality of the in order to the Min Park or on the rooftops by the middle of is best. Among them "the Yellowstone Creek Shan Mao Feng", In 1915, in the Panama Pacific International Exposition on the won the gold medal, It grows in the in the the Canyon of more than 1300 meters above sea level Jiuhua in excellent shape and Tiantai peak the eastern side of, finished product characteristics to you and that as follows: That of the cable tight fine neat and well-spaced, color green, pekoe revealed, liquor color Biqing transparent, soft and bright Securinega, open soup fog top end, taste mellow aroma, especially resistant to brew. But in recent years, was named the ministerial and provincial superior, compared to Jiuhua Shan Mao Feng "," Tibetan Qiaogua "and Dongya Buxus three varieties. These Famous Tea is mainly produced in the Min Park, its is characterized in to you and that is: That delicate shape, flag gun Jinguo, with the Yellowstone Creek Shan Mao Feng men alike, CD-as liquor color Huanglv Ming Chul, the brew cup such as orchids Shen Yao, unique style.
    Jiuhua tea drink, not only quench their thirst, more pure heart and cool the effect of God.
Name: Jiuhua Analysis fan
Description: The Jiuhua folding fan with bamboo refined into Shan Gu drawn pill Mountain panorama black papered into a fan, infected with gold paint, together with the celebrity verse on the back, elegant, drew visitors favorite. Jiuhua folding fan in the Ming Dynasty had umbilical body were fans of the forest, by Pang Qing Dynasty before the emperor, court tribute really "access Jun pregnant sleeves, shaken breeze to. Now the Kowloon-Huashan folding fan has more than 20 varieties, selling in the the at home and abroad market. Self-the the Since 1981, the the the Jiuhua folding fan in the competitions in the of in national or the province's folding fan even the which won three Award.
Name: Huang Jing
Introduction: Huang Jing is a perennial Liliaceae herb, in the the the Kowloon-Huashan growth of the scope (KCRC) is very broad, Where a dank hillside and on Gully on both sides of of has a. According to the Qingyang County "contains: Huang Jing everywhere, the only Jiuhua Mountain." Because Huang Jing eat, Jiuhua Mountain has always been the habit of plucking and Huang Jing. Some people think: Jin Qiaojue order for food from the Buddha, no time monk as food and flesh does not rot. Huang Jing does have many medicinal properties, can Buzhongyiqi, in addition to rheumatism, five organs, strong bones and muscles, ended cold and heat, Jiufu refreshed and longevity.
Name: Jiuhua ice ginger
: The ice Jiang also Jiuhua traditional products, have long enjoyed wins name. Jiuhua ice ginger mainly uses the the the delicate fresh ginger of the Tongling and and other real estate of the the, after cleaning, planing-chip, drift, the sun, mixed with sugar, axillary system and so on more than a dozen Road, machining processes from a. Jiuhua ice ginger sweet and spicy and delicious, food residue, cough the phlegm, Kaiweixiaoshi, the effect of the wet method by cold, the Jiuhua ice ginger tourists rush to buy in short supply as gifts to friends and relatives, and hospitality snack to share and has been enter the international market.
Name: Umbilicaria (stone skin)
Introduction: Umbilicaria commonly known as stone skin, lower plants, sexual gamping non-toxic "," eyesight Yijing. " Jiuhua Mountain rooftops, nine sons rock and other rock, which are parasitic. The average person can Umbilicaria mining, the ancient "quarrying ear of dead is not reasonable," said visible the quarrying ear is what insurance, so Umbilicaria price is very expensive.
Summer will the Umbilicaria clear beef broth eaten, that the is cool and detoxification the best food for.
Name: bamboo shoots
Introduction: Jiuhua Mountain bamboo shoots quite well known. The the Kowloon-Huashan Sheng production Phyllostachys edulis (KCRC) and the unearthed from the yuan bamboo, winter and spring, bamboo shoots buds, mountain people who they put a the Ministry of
Not easy to bamboo bamboo shoot collection home, undressing, cooked, and then processed into dried bamboo shoots, bamboo clothing, consumption or sale.


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